Wedding Table Plans

Wedding Table Plans

Don’t sit miles from your guests!

When finalising your table plan, we advise your top table be centred along the longest wall of the room. This will help guests at other tables feel more included in the speeches and your undercover singing waiter performance and will add to their enjoyment of the evening. If you have the option of a raised top table, this helps ensure that everyone can see what is happening and be involved. It is also wise to avoid splitting your guests with the dance floor.

Here to help you

There are many factors to be considered in your table and seating plan, mainly influenced by the number of guests, size of room, service areas and fire exits. If you have any questions please do call and we will be happy to discuss your options. We are familiar with many of the top venues and would be delighted to help you avoid any pitfalls!

Use your space but don’t fill it

If space allows, your wedding band and DJ can set up much more quickly if access can be left for them. If you can avoid having to move tables between the meal and dancing this can also ensure a smooth transition for you and your guests. The sound equipment required by our singers is different from that of your band. Our speakers are usually discreetly situated near the top table. The microphones and mixing desk are placed on a 1 metre table which will allow the performers make adjustments during the performance if necessary.

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